Materials Used: 

I use only Target Paper Towels to create my Art, because of its Texture and Strength.

About Me

As a native of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. I discovered an early interest in art coupled

with a strong talent for design. Even at a young age. I was always drawing, leading to

developing a special relationship with nature, especially with shapes and designs.

​After graduating from high school I was accepted into Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania. For four years I expanded and developed my artist talents and skills aspiring to

become an illustrator of children's books and freelance painter.

Through my oil paintings and illustrations, I found I needed and wanted to expand into other

media to express ideas that were beyond the scope of painting - a transition from two to three -

dimensions allowed me to create my concepts more accurately. Experimenting with textures,

media and color, Iwas introduced to the use of paper and starch paper mache.

Paper Mache                                                                                  

  An extremely versatile medium, consisting of paper, foam core, paints and starch. Using these

items, various textures and dimensions are formed by applying layer over layer onto a

foundation, to create the needed texture. The use of color and everyday objects help create a

realistic quality, making each piece of sculpture a "One of a Kind."

Photographs are taken of actual objects or buildings to start the process of creating the

sculpture. During the creation of each sculpture I distort my work, giving each piece its own

caricature and life - creating a work of art, not reproduction.

​Over the years, this medium has become my artist home, allowing me to express my true nature.